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December 26, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on I'm Not Here.

* not comics: these are near-final numbers for the Justice League movies, and those domestic figures are rough. These don't have an effect on the comics as much as you'd think, although it does seem that DC didn't come through with a single film to single book strategy as they have with some of their past movies. I don't know why they'd ever abandon that strategy. Maybe I just couldn't figure out the book.

* I enjoyed this positive summation of alt-weeklies, once one of the great collective comics delivery systems. I'm not sure I'd agree with much if it were broken down point by point, but it's very sweet.

* finally, this kind of thing is so dumb. There is so much money to be made mythologizing Stan and Jack together, exponentially more than Stan by himself. All the moral and ethical issues aside -- and they shouldn't be put aside -- Marvel is leaving money and priceless branding on the table. At some point they're going to move to a lot more non Stan/Jack characters in the other-media efforts, at which point not only will this moment will have been lost, you lose being able to do a round two based on the lack of a Stan/Jack foundation with like a "class of 1980" equivalent to the Nine Old Men and whatever they're calling the foundational guys of the Quesada era.
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