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December 27, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* TCJ reviews 2013. They have some really great writers over there.

image* it's funny how fandom works, because on the one hand I was one of those snobby little kids that thought Jack Kirby's stuff was too unsophisticated and childish to make for the kind of comics I wanted to read and on the other hand I was totally reading everything that Jack Kirby did I could get my hands on. This run of primetime Kirby Fantastic Four reprints provided me with some of my favorite comics from the decade after the decade in which they initially appeared. There's a panel of an elephant made of sound smashing things with a tree trunk that is as bonkers a throwaway panel as any that ever existed. I also liked that Klaw villain, and the idea of sound as the extreme danger offered a bad guy -- that was something around which to wrap your little-kid head, and the robotic hand was super-creepy. Thanks, Mr. Kirby.

* Alan Moore is up to something here.

* just because I sort of understand how modern variants work doesn't mean I understand the variants.

* Matt Bors, he of the "I had a very good year" statement three or four years in a row now, remembers the year 2013 via editorial cartoons.

* wow. Also, that was more than 20 years ago.

* I don't know if Shawn Cheng does a lot of this kind of thing, but I figure it's worth following his twitter account to find out.

* finally, Roger Langridge draws with a pencil.
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