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December 30, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* somehow I totally missed that a Staten Island comics shop closed in the wake of that Sandy storm from late October/early November. I know that a lot of businesses suffer this kind of thing, but I think it's a reminder that small businesses like comics shops are sort of uniquely fragile in terms of taking on too many blows like that storm caused.

image* Filip Kolek talks to Baru.

* I always appreciate that some comics entities take some time off from the incessant hype and content production at this time of year, like D+Q and I think that kind of downtime can be important. I know that I launched the holiday interview series against a much more grand backdrop of the comics industry and the culture that surrounds it taking a break from serious discussions of Spider-Man story content or whatever. It's something I'll consider in future years.

* not comics: another one for the "we're old now and will be dead soon" files.

* I also missed news of new owners for JHU, and, from even longer ago, closure of a second location for St. Mark's.

* not comics: kiss your bookseller.

* not comics: Jason has been running scans of pulp covers recently.

* not comics: an atypical image for this artist.

* finally, Natalie Nourigat went there and back again.
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