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December 31, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Peter David apparently had a stroke while on vacation. I wish him a full and speedy recovery, and further hope that he and his family have as much comfort and support as is possible during this trying time. Update: Kathleen David has a lengthy update and fuller description of events here.

* Rob Liefeld begins his year in review.

image* linking to Jordan Crane's tumblr initiative isn't a new thing, but I sure like the look of some of the individual panels he puts up that way.

* you can catch up with a bunch of Dan Berry interviews here.

* Scott Marshall on Last Days Of An Immortal. Cory Doctorow on Rise Of The Graphic Novel.

* cartoonist/musician Nate Powell matches comics to albums.

* Michael Cavna communicated birthday wishes to Stan Lee from various other august personalities.

* these Christmas Day strip postings at the Library Of American Comics blog were a lot of fun.

* here's a look at an image from a forthcoming Craig Thompson kids effort. Here it is bigger. That should be fun.

* wow.

* Jen Vaughn reports on an Esther Pearl Watson show in Texas.

* I'm never quite sure how to cover news of these juggernaut webcomics-culture based kickstarter campaigns, because mostly I just sit there with the Little Rascals shocked face, staring at them.

* hey, look at that CAKE ad. Lot of pressure on that show this year, lot of anticipation for it. Also found over there was this Michael DeForge tribute to Leslie Stein.

* finally, here are ten UK small-press comics you should own.
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