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November 23, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I've been made aware that Delcourt has reversed their decision that became news last week and will publish a French-language version of Lost Girls after all. I'll write a proper brief on Monday, when more people will read it.

* a few Washington, D.C. superheroes helped some less fortunate citizens yesterday. I'd love for one of these local superhero groups to become prominent enough I could spend an equal amount of time as a cranky J Jonah Jameson figure decrying them.

* more evidence has surfaced that DC and Marvel are going after sites and people that illegally upload their comics. I like how silent and scary and rumor-driven these reports are. I sort of expect people to start disappearing or something.

* cartoonist Matty Ryan explains his color choices for the Atlanta Hawks' new uniforms.

* Rick Marshall, former On-Line Editor at Wizard, has been running some of the reaction he's received to our interview last week.
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