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September 3, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Patrick A. Reed talks to Berke Breathed. Jeffrey Renaud talks to Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Alex Dueben talks to Michael Cho.

* another interview of interest is this Albert Ching piece with Marvel's Axel Alonso where he says in straight-forward fashion that the editorial decision to run a Milo Manara grotesque as a Spider-Woman related variant cover might not have been the smoothest move given the influx of female readers into comics at all levels. I think that gets to the heart of what I found interesting about that story; your mileage may vary significantly.

* not comics: I'm not interested in the details of this Star Wars-related piece, but there is probably some of use to comics fans in the idea of a multi-media entertainment franchise selecting a readjustment date and making everything work in a different way from before and after that date.

* I can't fully approve of just sticking someone's work not your own up on the Internet, but that's a nice-looking comic. It would be so fun to have the money and resources to collect 1970s undergrounds.

* John Kane on a bunch of different comics. Joe Gordon on the comics of Jacky Fleming. Jog on Brave Dan.

* finally, it's not exactly comics, but it's solidly comics-related: for some reason I keep forgetting to drive attention to this post at D+Q about the forthcoming Seth documentary. I look forward to seeing it, and am jealous of any of you in Ottawa with the opportunity to see it in a festival setting.
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