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January 30, 2014

Random Things I've Been Reading About Angouleme This Morning

FIBD in Angouleme begins today. Here are a few, brief notes about major stories developing over there, as well as one or two that simply caught my eye.

image* you're not going to find a more major legit-news story than the passing of the author and magazine editor Francois Cavanna yesterday. Cavanna helped create the satirical mainstays Hara Kiri and Charlie Hebdo at different ends of the 1960s, the latter initially springing forth as a weekly version of the more standard-magazine former. He later become a well-respected memoir writer.,108117.php

* I'm not finding a link for the PR, but comiXology is celebrating its one-year anniversary of "holy shit, comiXology!" moments that began last year when they basically swept up a deciding chunk of the French-language comics market via a publishing deal by announcing its completion of multiple-platform availability within that market. A heck of a year for those guys, and their strength in Europe makes them a major player in a way that just doing the US stuff wouldn't afford on its own. This might work as a link.

* for some reason my bookmarks folder yielded this tweet about the rapid growth in sales enjoyed by the Asterix albums in the 1960s. I've never seen it stated so plainly before, and it's fun to encounter figures like that.

* if I'm understanding this post correctly, there's a photographer set up at the Festival that takes handsome photos of comics-makers that they can then use for their own publicity purposes? Sign me up for some of that. If I have that wrong, you can still look at some nice photos, including a couple of cartoonists that I'm not sure I knew what they looked like.

* finally, this video of Lewis Trondheim announcing that a restriction of this year's 24-Hour comics will be the use of images from Boulet's instagram account, and Boulet's surprised reaction, is a very cute moment and the kind that sort of "makes" shows like this one. It also strikes me that we're going to start seeing instances like this routine captured on camera during events coverage. Here is a series of videos on this year's event within the larger event.
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