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December 19, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Shelly Bond will be Executive Editor at Vertigo.

image* Shawn Starr talks to Ryan Sands. Someone at Phaidon talks to Jamie Hewlett.

* happy approximate anniversary to Gary Tyrrell at Fleen, one of the foundational comics sites.

* the retailer Mike Sterling writes about the difficulties of ordering comics with all of these variant and bonus covers. He doesn't sound bitter or angry or anything, but I sure wouldn't want that job.

* hey, it's another comics advent calendar.

* Batman gets injured a lot.

* not comics: Arthur is coming.

* Sean Howe's tumblr in support of his Marvel book has been pretty consistently great in terms of digging stuff up that's both familiar yet hasn't been seen in quite that form. Like I know this cover, I bought that comic for $2 at a flea market in northern Indiana, but I haven't seen the process steps that are included here.

* Abhay Khosla suggests that audience expectations maybe don't need to be lectured away.

* finally, Michael Cavna describes 2012 in the form of quotes from comics-makers.
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