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February 10, 2014

Reed's Monday Announcement Is A Partnership With Oz Comic-Con

Here. It actually came out yesterday over there, almost two days ago because of the way the time zones line up. Lance Fensterman of ReedPOP boasted of today's announcement as a way to deflect attention from last week's reveal here of the June comics-only show they're planning, which is now being reported more widely by additional sites and seems a poorly-kept secret. My understanding is that the reason this wasn't just confirmed is that there's still some doubt about it coming off, or at least that's the stance of ReedPOP. So when they nail that down -- and inviting people to attend seems pretty damn far along -- they'll announce that, too.

As we pointed out last Friday, the comics-only New York show is interesting from a bunch of different angles: 1) New York show, 2) comics-only, which might help repair some relationships or establish some bonafides in the comics community that isn't always well served by the Pop Culture Expo model, 3) proxmity to Heroes Con, particularly -- and this is important -- in the long-term if comics retailers get involved with that show because a NYC show could end up being more appealing than heading down south to Charlotte. It also could be a successful third US show for ReedPOP, as it lies between C2E2 and NYCC.

As for the partnership with the Aussie show, that's not all that interesting to me except that how naked and aggressive the article is in promoting the pop culture aspects of a show like that, right down to a definition that doesn't necessarily include comics at all. I like Lance Fensterman and I'm sure it's a show that works for a lot of people, but the NYCC shows I attended had almost nothing to do with anything I appreciate or like about comics, and have become even less so in the scheduling/planning since that time. C2E2 seems more comics-oriented for the lack of roping in the pop-culture element more than anything else, and its primary virtue to my circle of comics acquaintances seems to be it not being a Wizard show. They are interesting businesses, though, and have a significant impact on several elements of comics publishing, so they will always be worth watching.
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