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June 6, 2014

Resignations At El Jueves After Covers Are Switched

imageAs described in this article at an English-language clearinghouse for Spanish news, there were a pair of resignations at the satirical magazine El Jueves after a recent cover flap that involved the nation's ruling family. A cover featuring King Juan Carlos' abdication that feature a crown full of turds was apparently switched at the last moment to a more benign cartoon about a recent surprise election result. The cartoonist Albert Monteys and the cover artist, Manel Fontdevila, subsequently resigned. As tends to be the case with this kind of story, the original cover had been released via social media and had a second life there as the censorship became its own news story -- thus it has almost certainly been seen by a much larger audience than if it were actually published. Circulation of El Jueves is in the 60K range. The abdication is the subject of an interior pages feature.
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