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Collective Memory: Comic-Con International (CCI) 2007
posted August 5, 2007


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2007 Comic-Con International, held July 26 through July 29 with July 25 Preview Night at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


Host City

Blog Entries
Alison Bechdel
Andrew Farago

Ben Templesmith
Blog@Newsarama: Stan Lee
Blog@Newsarama: Day 3
Blog@Newsarama: Iron Man Unveiled
Blog@Newsarama: CLAMP to DHC
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Blog@Newsarama: Next Wave of Minx Titles
Blog@Newsarama: P. Craig Russell Adapts Dream Hunters
Blog@Newsarama: Dispatches 02
Blog@Newsarama: Dispatches 01
Blog@Newsarama: Final Dispatches
Blog Critics 02
Brett Warnock
Brian Alvey
Bully Day 0-a
Bully Day 0-b
Bully Day 1
Bully Day 2
Bully Day 3
Bully Day 4

Chris Butcher
Chris Pitzer
Comics Should Be Good: Day 1
Comics Should Be Good: Day 2
Comics Should Be Good: Day 3
Comics Should Be Good: Day 4
Comics Waiting Room 01
Comics Waiting Room 02
Comics Waiting Room 03
Comics Waiting Room 04
Comics Waiting Room 05
Comics Waiting Room 06
Comics Waiting Room 07
Craig Yoe
Craig Yoe 02

Dan Nadel 01
Dan Nadel 02
David Gallaher 01
David Gallaher 02
David Gallaher 03

Elizabeth Chou
Eric Reynolds
Eric Reynolds 02

Final Girl
Funnimetric: Fake Riot Post

Greg Rucka

Harry McCracken
Heidi MacDonald: Thursday
Heidi MacDonald: Friday
Heidi MacDonald: Half of the Eisner Awards Liveblogged
Heidi MacDonald: Saturday
Heidi MacDonald: Sunday
Heidi MacDonald: Friday's Sell-Out
Heidi MacDonald: RASL
Heidi MacDonald: Summary
Heidi MacDonald: Summary 02
Heidi MacDonald: Summary 03

Irene Gallo: Friday

Jacob Covey
Jacob Covey 02
Jeff Parker 01
Jeff Parker 02
Jeff Smith 01
Jeff Smith 02
Joe Matt
Joey Weiser
John Ostrander
Journalista: Thursday
Journalista: Friday
Journalista: Monday

Kazu Kibuishi
Kelly Kilmer 01
Kelly Kilmer 02
Kelly Kilmer 03
Kelly Sue DeConnick: Day 01
Kelly Sue DeConnick: Day 02

Laurell K. Hamilton
Legion Omnicom Day 0
Legion Omnicom Day 1
Legion Omnicom Day 2
Legion Omnicom Day 3
Legion Omnicom Day 4
Legion Omnicom Wrap-Up
Leigh Walton
Logan the Huge 01
Logan the Huge 02
Logan the Huge 03
Logan the Huge 04-01
Logan the Huge 04-02
Logan the Huge 05
Logan the Huge 06

Maddy Gaiman: Friday
Marc Bernardin
Mark Evanier
Matt Fraction
Matt Maxwell 01
Matt Maxwell 02
Matt Maxwell 03
Matt Maxwell 04
Matt Maxwell 05
Matt Maxwell 06
Matt Maxwell 07
Matt Maxwell 08
Matt Maxwell Conclusion
Maureen Ryan
M Robert Turnage

Neil Gaiman: Friday
Neil Gaiman: Saturday
Noel Wolfman

Paul Hoppe
Peter David: Marvel/DC Softball Game


Randy Reynaldo
Rich Watson
Rob Vollmar
Rose Et Noir

Sara Ryan
Shaenon Garrity
Stan Sakai
Steve Lieber 01

Tim Leong
Tom Devlin (August 3 and August 1)
Toy Bender

Whitney Matheson 01
Whitney Matheson 02
Whitney Matheson Summary

Xander Bennett Day 0
Xander Bennett Day One
Xander Bennett Day Two
Xander Bennett: Joss Whedon Panel
Xander Bennett Day Three
Xander Bennett Day Four
Xander Bennett Con Summary

Message Boards
Engine Thread on Simply Meeting Readers
Engine Thread on Ellis to Astonishing X-Men News Carol Lay Vs. Molly Crabapple

News Story Indexes
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Comic Book Bin Analyzes DHC's Clamp Deal
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ComicMix: Cosplay
ComicMix: Coda
David Glanzer at The Beat
Editor & Publisher on Eisners
Exhibit A Press Summary Story Interview With David Glanzer
Inkpot Winners
New York Times
New York Times 02
North County Times
Steven Grant
TV Guide
TZ: Del Rey Manga News
TZ: Viz Panel Report

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing
Anthony Taylor
Bix Costume Contest
Blog@Newsarama 00
Blog@Newsarama 01
Blog@Newsarama 02
Blog@Newsarama 03
Carrie Lu
Chris Butcher
Dark Horse 01
Dark Horse 02
Eric Reynolds
Heidi MacDonald
Heidi MacDonald 02
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iFanboy 00
iFanboy 01
iFanboy 02
iFanboy 03
Irene Gallo
Karin & Bruce
Marc 40134
millerium arkay
Mr. Ku
Pat Loika
Paul & Lane
Randy Reynaldo
San Diego Shooter
SDCC Flickr Group
Shot Live Photo: Day 0
Shot Live Photo: Day 1
Shot Live Phto: Day 2
Walt Holcombe
Wes Molebash
Whitney Matheson

Around Comics

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Augie De Blieck, Jr. on Twitterisms
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Pop Candy

Blog@Newsarama: Waid Joins Boom!
Colleen Coover
Daily Motion
Gilbert Hernandez
iFilm: Judd Apatow
Lee Kohse
Maddy Gaiman
Maddy Gaiman 02
Matthew Thurber and Marc Bell Perform
Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross Kiss
Patrick Gleason
Pulp Secret: Day 1
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The Beat: Charles Vess
The Beat: I Can't Tell
The Beat: I Can't Tell 02
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Warren Ellis



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