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February 13, 2013

Richard Neal: Zeus Comics Won't Carry Orson Scott Card-Written Superman Comics Publications

Superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose has his usual fantastic write-up here on Dallas-area comic book shop Zeus Comics owner Richard Neal declaring his shop won't carry the Superman-related publications written by Orson Scott Card. Neal cites Card's membership on the board of the National Organization Of Marriage, his stated views regarding gays and that those beliefs are found in his other written works. Neal's store was the 2006 recipient of the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award.

One thing that should be interesting to see is if any attendant controversy about this comic actually hurts or helps sales, and, if it's perceived that the extra attention helped sales, what the further response -- if any -- might be from those that wanted to exert pressure against or at least opt out on carrying the book.

This is one of those works that will appear on-line one month and then in print the next, starting in late April.

as is always the case with the comments below an article on a big comics site, and is doubly so for articles with a political element, we recommend skipping the comments thread
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