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May 14, 2012

Roger Langridge Quits DC/Marvel Work Over Creators Rights

imageThe sublimely talented cartoonist Roger Langridge announced on an Orbital Comics podcast that he's severed his working relationship with the publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics over ethical concerns about their treatment of creators. He joins the writer Chris Roberson as talent routinely getting work from those publishers -- not on either company's A-list, but working professionals that seemed to have a chance to continue to have work published through such avenues -- taking a look at their options in the post-Watchmen, Siegels/Shusters/Kirbys litigation world and deciding that they could move forward without taking assignments from those publishers.

Langridge spoke more about the decision here, noting that he'd be donating the proceeds from his minor, recent Marvel work.

As is the case with Roberson, I applaud Langridge's ethical engagement with his career, and hope that no matter the outcome that every professional that can do so takes similar stock in terms of any and all agencies and institutions with whom they partner. I continue to be a great fan of Langridge's work, and while I've always been grateful that he's received freelance gigs with the big industry publisher it's always been my hope that he'll one day have a hit all his own -- I just think that work of his is better than the quality work he's done for the Big Two.
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