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October 25, 2013

Rune T. Kidde, 1957-2013

imageRune T. Kidde, the prolific Danish cartoonist turned author that is perhaps best known for continuing to be a creative force after losing his eyesight, died on October 20. He turned 56 in September.

Rune T. Kidde was born in Odense to artistic parents, and graduated from Vestfyns Gymnasium in 1976. He apparently also studied theology for a short time.

Kidde quickly became a key figure in Danish alternative comics and remained a comics-maker for the majority of his professional life. His publication Blomstrend Spaghetti (translated as "Blooming Spaghetti"), ran from 1977 until 1986, the most prominent of a series of fanzine that the author brought to market and that included Fields'isten and Kong Krud. He co-founded the pioneering Danish underground comix publishing company Baldur on Brage in 1977 and in 1979 helped create the studio Gimle. A brief stint as editor at Interpresse saw Kidde work on such features as The Phantom and Beetle Bailey.

Kidde's books included Man siger sa meget ("Talk is Cheap") and Eventyr Evergreens ("Fairytale Evergreens"). His first work published in album form was the self-titled Rune T. Kidde.

A steady freelancer, he worked for several Danish publications throughout the 1980s, such as Politiken.

As Kidde lost his eyesight -- he went blind in 1990 -- Kidde collaborated with comics artists such as Lars Bering Haarup, Peter Madsen and Flemming Jeppesen. He also moved into radio production, working for Danmarks Radios P1, P2 and P3 from 1990 to 2000. He produced a number of travel shows, and did a verbal dramatization of The Fellowship Of The Ring. He continued work with the band Trio Confetti throughout, and wrote a libretto for a children's opera in 2000.

A prose author concurrent to his achivements in comics, Kidde frequently published over a 30-year span. This included poetry, plays, novels, genre work (at least one thriller) and both biographically-informed fiction and straight-up biography.

Kidde was a recipient of the Danish Association for the Blind's "Pers Legat" award. He is survived by a wife, and was preceded in death by his parents.
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