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July 8, 2013

Rutu Modan, Craig Thompson Art Under Fire At German Exhibit; Modan Page Physically Altered

I'm having a hard time processing this article -- which was e-mailed to me, so apologies to whomever had it first -- not because it's written in a complex fashion but because the behavior it describes seems so openly asinine. After a smattering of protests regarding Craig Thompson and Rutu Modan imagery (from Habibi and Exit Wounds, respectively) in an exhibition called "What Comics can do! -- Recent Trends in Graphic Fiction," last month, some student of Muslim orientation actually went so far as to take scissors to Modan's art and removing the offensive pieces of art. The university has apparently censured this person and may take legal action. While it's encouraging to see the university double down on the idea of universities as a place that should be given wide leeway in terms of offense because of the way this facilitates the sharing of ideas, it's distressing this happened in the first place and that this person will likely have defenders. One of the aspects about some of the cartoon-related protests is that there's an element of provocation in the act against which whatever person is pushing back. You can't argue that here.
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