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March 17, 2014

SC Legislators Refuse To Restore Funding Cuts For Use Of Fun Home, Other Works By Schools

imageThe CBLDF has a nice write-up here about a move to restore funding to two South Carolina school that used material not approved of by one of that state's legislators, and how that move was voted down. One of the schools was the College Of Charleston, who used Alison Bechdel's comics memoir Fun Home as a book assigned to incoming freshman in order to provide a common experience and discussion topic for a new class.

The stupidity of this is hard to grasp, let alone measure. It's a Russian nesting doll of cynically motivated dumbassery: to define a book this way, to define this book this way, to decide that a book that engages a world view that includes something of which you don't approve is unsuitable for college students, to punish an educational institution for disagreeing with you, to double down when people notice... I wish we were all loaded with cash and could immediately replace this money lost to the school -- and the other, non-comics one, too, why not when we're spending imaginary money -- and then give a similar amount to whatever person could better serve the people's interest than going on a witch hunt. As it is, let this be a reminder how stupid and grasping these kinds of moves really are.
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