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May 2, 2014

SC Senate Committee Rejects Punitive Measures Against Universities For Assigning Books To Students

imageCasey Gilly has a nice write-up here about the South Carolina state Senate Finance Committee rejecting a proposal to punish two state universities for assigning books the punishing element decided had unsuitable content because they took place in milieu that included the reality of same sex relationships. One of the books was Fun Home, Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir, which was part of a volunteer reading program for incoming freshmen at College Of Charleston. The idea was that they would cut funding to these institutions equivalent to what had been used to fold those books into the programs. It was 7-11 vote, and the bill was supported by a number of legislators including Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler and enough of the state's house of representatives that it was passed and had reached the Senate floor.

The issue is expected to be revisited next week as the budget moves through the full Senate. One can only hope the committee is indicative of where wider support rests, but if you have access to any sort of influence on this issue, I encourage you to use it.

I cannot express in words my withering contempt for the cascade of arguments that gets any legislative body to the point of defining, labeling, censuring, voting against and punishing over intellectual content in a university setting.
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