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February 12, 2014

Scott Adams Criticizes India Supreme Court's Late 2013 Overturning Of 2009 Naz Decision Ruling


I totally missed that Scott Adams had run two strips cuffing the Supreme Court Of India overturning the Naz Foundation decision back in December; that was a 2009 ruling that making homosexual acts a crime was illegal according to that country's constitution. Luckily, Scott Adams' mini-run was mentioned in this BBC article on another matter entirely.

The cartoonist's position expressed here seems to me sensible and made me laugh at the same time: that you can't see these strips as "politicizing the strip" because that court decision was so fundamentally awful no one on planet earth could muster any kind of defense of the underlying principles involved so as to make the kind of disagreement that politics requires. This is, of course, a political maneuver in and of itself, but it's a clever one.

This article says that the San Jose Mercury News was one of Dilbert's North American clients that opted for an old strip for at least the first one up there, which strikes me as very sad given the Mercury-News' reputation as a comics-friendly publication. The Sandusky Register decided to run the strips and discusses why here.
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