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October 22, 2013

Sean Kleefeld Tracks A Group Of Webcomics From 2008

The writer Sean Kleefeld notes that from a bunch of comics nominated for a webcomics-related award in 2008, a huge swathe of them are no longer publishing regularly, and many not at all. That's sort of interesting to note, although I'm not sure what you do with that other than acknowledging the still-Wild West of making traditional webcomics five years ago. Kleefeld makes a couple of nice points about why people pursue such projects in the first place and a couple of the advantages that may accrue.

There was a notion floated a while back that we're beginning to see a bunch of creators -- and people generally -- for whom making a webcomic or mini-comic is a variation of having the kind of garage band that many of us put together in high school. I think that could be true. What I don't know is how this might change the culture's general orientation towards comics work. I would imagine that it's another step in the kind of widespread acceptance of comics as something that people do, something that may have a specific cultural connotation but not necessarily a critical one, all without really energizing an audience for same.
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