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August 14, 2017

"Self-Published Pepe The Frog Book" Article Misses Point

This article about a conservative-leaning kids book being published using Matt Furie's "Pepe" character, whom you may recall was hijacked for use by a range of right-wingers from dull, unimaginative conservatives all the way out to flat-out weird Nazi people, spends a lot of time as to which conception of the character the author and school administrator (!) was somehow endorsing.

Another angle to explore might have been that the character is someone else's, and this guy is a fucking ding-dong for thinking his use of someone else's character in this straight-forward way is ethically or morally okay as long as he thinks of Bill Buckley instead of Adolf Eichmann.

I might understand people reading the article missing the point because they're boiling with rage as the piece ends with the book author's suggestion of possible victim-hood. The abdication of any values beyond profit and dullest tribalism makes basic intellectual rigor a near-impossible goal. God help us all.
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