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November 9, 2012

Site Note: I Really Don't Know If I Received Your Book

I get a lot of notes from people wanting to talk to me about books they sent me. They want to know if I got what they sent, and they're frequently wondering if I'll do a review or otherwise cover what they're up to.

I greatly appreciate anything sent to me. I get like four or five pieces a day. My experience over 20 years of doing this is that I really can't go and look and find your book, not and do my job effectively in the limited time I have to do it. Further, it's rare that I have interest in talking to you about coverage over a sent book, although I'm always happy to hear suggestions. I have plenty of coverage ideas of my own, and if your work or your PR spurs some, I'll certainly be in touch.

I know how this must sound. I apologize. If this costs me some freebies, I understand and I'm fine with that. I do appreciate how invested you are in your work, and I am flattered I matter enough that you're making the inquiry. But honestly, that way lies madness, and I can't start down that road. So if you need me to receive your book and shoot you an e-mail upon arrival and discuss how it's going to be used, please consider another option for your complimentary copy. I wish you the very best of luck.
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