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August 22, 2013

Skipped Mentioning It: Ali Ferzat Interview In The Guardian


I had skipped mentioning here this week's interview with exiled Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat in the Guardian. I'm a big fan of Ferzat's work as a political agitator and as a human face through which we can process the horrors of that country's protracted in-fighting, but I couldn't find anything particularly new about the feature. I think I found one on a re-read, though. He claims that it's the above chair cartoon that triggered a move against him that resulted in his being assaulted by pro-government thugs. I had always heard a different cartoon or two, so that seems worth noting. I would imagine you might end up hearing back about this if you were in Ferzat's position.

I also always enjoy how stylishly Ferzat presents himself, albeit in the more casual sweaters and scarves category of men's clothing. That's a cartoonist that know he's on a public stage, and given his prominence in that region of the world far before he became an international news celebrity, I would imagine he's been conscious of this for some time.
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