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December 24, 2013

Small Press Expo Moves To Lottery System For Registration


Here. This is a copy of a massive mailing they've done. Basically what's going on is that they've grown in terms of demand for tables so much over the last couple of years that any attempt to do something other than a lottery with a lengthy registration period is almost certainly going to end in anger and disappointment. Curating the show stands counter to that show's longstanding ethos regarding such things: they basically can't go that direction now, having not done that 10 years ago when that kind of thing was still up in there. I think it works better for them not to, and this all sounds like a fair solution.

It looks like the show will stay at much the same size as last year: some criticized the number of exhibitors as being out of balance to the point that some did less effective business than they feel they might have with a smaller room. As it stands, they were still turning people away. Comics is like that now.

Why this went out the evening of December 23, I have no idea, but I guess that's comics now, too. No breaks!
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