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August 5, 2013

Someone Wrote In To Mention That The Dan Clowes Cover In The Latest Big Auction Made Nearly $50K

imageIt was original cover art to Lloyd Llewellyn #3, which came out in 1986. I think you need to be signed in somehow here to confirm that, but I don't have any reason to think they're lying to me. I guess that's notable because most of the big-ticket items at auctions like these tend to be character/creator combinations, where one assumes the affection for a certain superhero character if not the very specific experience of reading that very specific comic book plays a huge role. At any rate, you don't see a ton of mid-five figures spent on anything like the Clowes cover. Clowes has a significant fan base, though, one with a Hollywood element to it and therefore some money. I suspect he's always done pretty well with more immediate original art sales when he's done them. It would be nice if a significant market opened up for this kind of art for those that have kept a lot of their art, although the impulse to pay that much money for something like that is so far out of my range of comprehension I can't say much about it besides.
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