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May 1, 2014

Something You Can Do For Chris Pitzer On His Birthday


Actually, there's two things.

Today is the 47th birthday of publisher Chris Pitzer at AdHouse Books, one of the mainstays of modern alt-comics publishing. That's always a tough business, with strict margins, so the first thing you could do is maybe go to his ongoing sale and pick up a few comics. Just about all those books are admirable in one way or another -- for instance, that someone as talented and as in-demand at the mainstream houses as Stuart Immonen continues to pursue outside work that is fulfilling in a different way is something that should always be encouraged. If you're not already familiar with artists on that list, I think the Stephens, the Rugg, the Boulet and the Hines are pretty accessible books for a standard comics reader. I hope you'll consider it. The occasional sale is an important way for a publisher like this to stay at least a little bit flush and to manage inventory.

The second thing you can do is if you're a reader or a comic shop owner double check to see if there's room in your wallet to order Noah Van Sciver's latest, Youth Is Wasted. As explained here, there was a snafu in the way it was published vis-a-vis how it was subsequently listed in the Diamond catalog. While hand-to-hand sales and direct orders are a key component to how a publisher like AdHouse does things, that Diamond listing is an opportunity for every work at a house like that to see wider distribution, and the prompt check from the distributor is always welcome. A little snafu can be a big deal to a publisher like Chris Pitzer, so I hope you'll just make sure you've made your own order or your store's order despite the mix-up. I'm sure Chris wouild be glad to help with an e-mailed question on particulars.
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