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September 3, 2010

South Bend Tribune Lays Off Full-Time Staffer Ron Rogers; Last Cartoon Today


Longtime newspaper industry magazine of record Editor & Publisher reports via the ever-vigilant Rob Tornoe the South Bend Tribune has ended the employment of full-time editorial cartoonist Ron Rogers.

The article notes that Rogers is believed to be the sole African-American cartoonist working as a traditional, full-time staffer on a daily newspaper. Moreover, he was one of those editorial cartoonists to work in a variety of roles at his publication outside of providing the traditional cartoon, including reporting on live events. Rogers had begun freelancing for the paper in 2002, and became full-time at the publication in 2005, approximately 18 months to three years before a distressing surge of financial turmoil at newspapers and the elimination of several editorial cartooning jobs nationwide.

According to the Tornoe article, Rogers plans to continue cartooning, going so far as to not do a farewell cartoon for the Tribune because of the way that might reflect on the state of his career. Rogers has more than two decades of freelance experience starting in his native Virginia in the early 1980s.

an example of Tornoe's sketchbook work for the Tribune can be found here
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