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June 17, 2014

South Carolina Governor Upholds Weird, Punitive, Not Really A Compromise Concerning LGBT Curricula

imageThe Advocate has a story up that South Carolina Governor -- and I'm guessing Republican Vice-Presidential front-runner, at least right now -- Nikki Haley has approved a budge that punishes two state schools for assigning reading that has LGBT subject matter. The mechanism is that the schools are required to fund program designed for the study of the constitution and other documents directly linked to the founding of the country. One of the schools assigned the graphic memoir Fun Home as part of one of those "let's everyone coming to school read this if you wanna" programs. There is also a required opt-out.

The groaning stupidity of this is extra-intense because it's like there's something to make your eyes pop at every hands-and-knees stop on a human centipede of dumb. Ideally, colleges should be allowed to assign work engaged with any worldview at all, as schools are places where people learn to process ideas. The thought that by merely representing the truth of a life that involves non-hetero people one is engaged with promoting an agenda is noxious, as is the thought that state legislators should get any say on what an educational institution does barring a full-on meltdown of basic responsibilities. The idea that learning about the consitution is somehow a balance against learning about Alison Bechdel's life is worse. And so it goes. There are probably like five or six more entry points to the stupid at work here, and every person responsible should be ashamed of themselves.
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