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January 14, 2013

Your 2012 SPACE Prize Finalists

The SPACE show from Columbus, Ohio has announced the finalists for its 2012 prize. The winners will be announced at this year's show in February. They are:

General Category
* Binary Gray #1-2, Chris Charton And Rowel Roque (Assailant Comics)
* Blink: Wonka Wonka Kochalka, Max Ink (Point Media)
* In the Sound and Seas Vols. 1-2, Marnie Galloway (Monkey-Rope Press)
* Kiss & Tell A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22, MariNaomi (Harper Perennial)
* Lackluster World #7, Eric Adams
* No One is Safe, Katherine Wirick (Kreider-Wirick LLC)
* The Samartian: Collected Edition, Victor Dandridge And Ren McKinzie (Vangtage House Productions)
* Spy Guy #2, Mike Kitchen (Ultraist Studios)
* Wild Child Number One: Fight or Flight, M Young
* Yuri the Awakening, Doug Hufford And Todd Biestel (Packrat Comics)

Mini-Comics/Short Stories
* The All-Creator's Wife, Tara Helfer
* And Then One Day #9, Ryan Claytor (Elephant Eater Comics)
* As Eavesdropped #3, Suzanne Baumann
* Bears in SPACE, Daniel McCloskey And Nate McDonough
* "For the Green" from Panel: Green, Tony Goins And Craig Bogart (Ferret Press)
* "Green to Green" from Panel: Green Dara Naraghi And Matt Kish (Ferret Press)
* "The Only Two" from Panel #18, Tony Goins And Andy Bennett (Ferret Press)
* Star #2, Kurt Dinse And Brian John Mitchell (Silber)
* Super Ball Diaries, Andrew Fraser (AkatamagoManga)
* Veggie Dog Saturn #6, Jason Young (Buyer Beware Comics)

* Catacombs, Todd Goodman And Rofe (Old World Comics)
* The Comicverse, Bianca Alu-Marr And Steve Peters (Awakening Comics)
* Maybe Too Metal, Leslie Anderson & Jared Anderson
* Next Year's Girl, Katie Valeska
* Origins Unknown: Breaking the Habit, Victor Dandridge And Jacob Newell (Vantage House Productions)
* Origins Unknown: Point of Authority, Victor Dandridge And Jacob Newell (Vantage House Productions)
* Retail Sunshine #4, Phil Machi (Livestock Productions)
* Smoke in Your Eyes, MariNaomi (The Rumpus)
*, Matt & Jeanie Bryan
* Zombie Marge Comix, Tim Fuller (Zombie Marge Comix Group)

More about the SPACE Prize and its selection process can be found through the original link. I believe this is work collected on the floor of the previous show and then voted on by a combination of exhibitors and a few judges, but I'm not exactly sure of the criteria involved.
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