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February 24, 2014

SPX Announces Winners Of Their 2014 Exhibitor Registration Lottery

imageThe Small Press Expo announced its list of winning exhibitors for the 2014 iteration of its long-running indy-comics and small press event. SPX has grown in size and calendar important over the last 10 years but not enough to encompass every single person that wishes to exhibit. This is a problem because the Expo is devoted to something other than full curation as part of its foundational identity. Last year the crush of people trying to apply caused a major meltdown of the computer process involved to do so and left a ton of people frustrated. SPX apologized a great deal, took as much extra room as it could in the wider-DC-area hotel facility that has hosted the show for several years now, and looked to this year as a corrective. Their solution was to 'fess up to the grandfathered aspects of certain key exhibitors not being at risk of losing a space (in other words, there's not a scenario under which key guests or major publishers in that world would be left out) and to make the rest of it a lottery process. Another interesting element to this is that even if some crative plan to open up for more exhibitor tables had been engaged, there were some doubts on the floor of the 2013 Expo that the size of the slightly larger show that year hadn't outpaced its current audience size a bit. The thing that fascinates here is the core sturdiness of these shows, the desire to exhibit, but also the delicate nature of executing a show like this one to 100 percent effectiveness. Kudos to the Expo for doing it so well in recent years, and one hopes this new process has worked out so far on their behalf.

I always have fun reading the expressions of joy or dismay.

I'm sure there will be a lot of creative negotiation out there for attendees and host tables and publishers and so on, some of which is likely allowed and some of which may not be. I would imagine as long as people stay on this side of flipping over to bitterness and entitlement, everything will be okay. Me, I just sort of walk around.

This year's SPX is September 14-15.
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