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March 27, 2013

Statues Of Cartoonists Alert: Bil Keane Fundraising Deadline

Comics fans and the good citizens of Paradise Valley, Arizona have until April 30 to raise the rest of the money necessary to fund a statue honoring the late Family Circus cartoonist Bil Keane, this feature article notes. There's a good photo of what is planned here, which seems to stand against the claim the article that the family's mother is included. Here is the place to donate. It doesn't sound all-the-way dire if the fundraising effort falls short -- it sounds like officials will just reload for another shot at it down the line, although one would guess that eventually the statue is either funded or not and the two-year anniversary of Keane's death on this November 8 sounds like a likely time when the whole thing will either be finished or reconsidered.

This site is all for statuary featuring cartoonists and/or their work, especially in this case where one might expected a much cheaper project involving painted footprints.

Keane lived in that area of the country for the bulk of his professional life.
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