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October 1, 2013

Steve Bissette Notes Creators Of John Constantine Will Not Be Paid From A New TV Deal

Making the TV show apparently falls under the previous option. Whenever I run across deals that strain at the confines of decency in order to make sure the money stays in the hands of people that already have lots of money, I get sad twice. I get sad because I assume there's money to pay the creators and they're basically arranging it so they don't have to, and I get a little sadder because I'm certain that discovering a way to do this is someone having a laudable day at the office. It's like that scorpion riding an animal across the other river story except instead of fulfilling his natural role mid-stream the scorpion stings the carrier right as he hops off and then pushes the other animal back into the current, turning to get high fives from the other woodland creatures.
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