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May 31, 2018

Steve Geppi Donates 3000 Items To Library Of Congress

Here. It looks like that could be a steady relationship, too. Geppi's credibility as a collector is unquestioned given his own efforts in building a museum around what the successful distributor owns. He is, as the article notes, an old-fashioned "comics=childhood" guy, a set of beliefs that has always seemed to influence his approach to collection, but it's not like there isn't a tidal wave of material in that general area.

I urge all creators to give some thought about the final outcome of their collections. In a way there are both more and fewer opportunities for placement than one might think.

Update: I'm a dummy. Of course the flip side of this is Geppi shutting down his private museum. That's something to see, if you've never been. Free admission on Sunday!
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