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November 2, 2011

Steve Rude To Be Released On Bail This Morning; Still Needs Counsel

As noted yesterday, the artist Steve Rude was arrested as part of an apparently running dispute with neighbors. Robot 6 has a mug shot and a brief report here. On his Facebook page, a person I assume to be his wife Jaynelle updates Rude's situation to say that he'll be released on bail this morning, but that money is still required for legal counsel. Thus one assumes that the lower art prices announced here will stay in effect for a while. I own a bit of Rude's material, and it's all outstanding-looking. Mark Evanier and Heidi MacDonald have also posted about the story.

I suppose this story will lead to some sniggering and the usual "screw that guy" comments from various, upstanding moralists in the comics community, many of whom will make their opinions known from the safe perch of a wacky sobriquet. Along with the outer edge of the comments slamming David Simpson for his definitely-should-be-punished but I maintain also heartbreaking acts of plagiarism, making jokes at Rude's expense may make this a less-than-stellar week for compassion when it comes to people in the comics world. I urge folks to reconsider those kinds of stances or at least consider tempering their public display, at least until a full story is known rather than assumed.
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