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April 2, 2014

Stripped! Hits #1 In iTunes Documentaries, Top 25 Overall

imageI'm not much on on-line sales measurables, so I have no idea the real figures involved, but being older than four I do understand relative sales positions on a chart so the documentary Stripped! hitting the #1 documentary position and slipping into the top 25 overall seems like an achievement well worth noting.

That's a very positive film, particularly for those whose orientation towards comics comes through making or being really into webcomics. As I've suggested in other posts on the film, I think it will serve an important historical function for the bulk of its interviews and for simply getting so many crucial webcomics makers on camera at a specific point in the development at that end of comics and at various moments in each featured creator's life. The right-now part of that is just getting to see yourself or someone you admire onscreen, and to have someone place what you've been doing in a context that seems meaningful. So I would imagine that in addition to the number of people watching it you're also going to have a lot of really grateful, happy people enthusing over their first reaction.

Any congratulations to Fred Schroeder, Dave Kellet and all of those involved on their roll-out thus far. You can purchase your own copy here.
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