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January 30, 2018

Sunday Was The Last Night Of Business For Zanadu Comics In Seattle's Belltown After 42 Years Open

There's a pretty standard small-business obit for the downtown location of Zanadu Comics here, stating the shop has been open in that neighborhood for 42 years. My generation of Seattle young people was a bit more familiar with the University District location, long gone.

All the standard reasons for the store's closure are listed except maybe higher rents. It was always in kind of an odd location, not really near anything else people might head downtown to do. Even at a time in my life I went into every comic shop I came within a quarter mile of standing face to face, I only ever got down to that specific location a half-dozen times a year. It was less a place to keep up on that week's books than to maybe find a hidden pile of Wash Tubbs books. It sounds like they serve an audience of mostly neighborhood folks, long since displaced.

CR readers might recall the shop tried a crowd-funding campaign that failed to find momentum. Owner Perry Plush will continue to sell some comics on-line.

There's a lot of evidence that a significant percentage of single-store shoppers give up on comics altogether when their store of choice folds. I hope that isn't as true this time out. Best of luck to Mr. Plush and any current employees. There is nothing like walking into a comic book store. Zanadu, RIP.
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