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October 12, 2012

Syndicate Icon Lee Salem's Retirement Date Announced For 2014

Universal Uclick sent out a press release in PDF form late yesterday -- here it is:


that spells out the retirement timeline for one of the major figures in all the various comics industries over the last half-century, Lee Salem. Salem will take a three month leave of absence in early 2013, returning that Spring as "president emeritus" with a planned formal retirement date of March 31, 2014. John Glynn, who recently took over the primary editorial position at the company, will assume the presidency on February 15 while keeping his current gigs. As discussed when Glynn was announced as the editorial fulcrum over there, he's well-regarded and particularly so with the current generation of established comics pros.

A 2014 retirement would give Salem 40 years at the company, having joined as an assistant editor in 1974. The talent with which he's credited for nurturing is scary in its Mt. Rushmore-like authority as big-earners and well-regarded comics-makers: Trudeau, Johnston, Watterson, Thompson and a bunch more. I would imagine that a full reckoning of all that Salem's accomplished is best put off for about 20 months, but, then again, it might take a big chunk of that time to come to proper terms with his career. It seems like a natural and smart transition for the company, though, and a nice reminder that even with today's upheavals it's not like the last several decades haven't been filled with their own kinds of change.
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