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November 9, 2012

TCJ: Harvey Kurtzman Estate, Al Feldstein Filed For EC Copyrights; Feldstein Confirms Settlement

imageNice piece of work by Mike Dean over at, spelling out a filing for copyrights including work in MAD by Al Feldstein and the estate of the late Harvey Kurtzman. According to Dean's piece it was apparently a filing along the same lines as the much more public Siegel and Shuster/Superman case: the Kurtzman estate's was focused on MAD #1-7; Feldstein on early work done at the company before he became an employee.

Although much of the piece is shrouded in various no-comments, Feldstein talked to Dean and indicates he has already settled in a way that will allow use of some of the work in question -- and contributing work to that work -- in a planned, forthcoming autobiography.
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