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July 9, 2014

The Beat: Ed Kramer Resurfaces With Aggressive Internet Profile

Heidi MacDonald has a news summary here of something that looks like it burbled up from Facebook: Edward Kramer's resurfacing on social media and a web site. Kramer was a co-founder of Atlanta's Dragon*Con with a long, involved history of inappropriate relationships with children, relationships that eventually caught the attention of Georgia authorities.

That story is probably best known for the quandary into which Kramer's role as a longtime beneficiary of Dragon*Con profits put the show: he was using the money he received from his involvement to pay the lawyers that helped him employ a series of delaying tactics to diminish the severity of his expected punishment. The convention and Kramer eventually parted ways, and Kramer was finally sentenced on three counts of child molestation to just under three years of house arrest. According to the first comment on MacDonald's article, local authorities have been notified to see if this latest endeavor in any way violates terms of his probation. Certainly if he's living in Brooklyn as the site proclaims, that would be a significant concern. As MacDonald points out at her article's conclusion, the general, grandiose claims Kramer makes and some of the groups in which he's expressed interest are also worrisome.

One might also expect that his professional claims will be vetted by those he names as clients and/or beneficiaries of his services.
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