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February 22, 2007

The Better Late Than Never Dept.

* After a couple of weeks of waiting, Johanna Draper Carlson gets her response from the Friends of Lulu on the fate of its Empowerment Fund, which looks like it was disastrously and impetuously announced far ahead of the group's chance to discuss and make possible its implementation, thus rendering it dead on arrival. If you gave money, you can apparently try and get it back by contacting them.

* Drawn and Quarterly spots a nice honor for their excellent Moomin series launch last year: a place on the European edition of Time's best books list.

* Jeff Smith kicks in with what has to be the last Angouleme festival report, which I think is worth pointing out because he has photos of a few people I hadn't seen show up on anyone else's radar, including Craig Thompson. As I recall, Smith visited San Diego for about 36 hours last year, making him the new master of the convention drop-in.

it occurs to me two of these folks are advertisers: coincidence or evil is up to you
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