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December 29, 2016

The Comics Reporter End Of The Year Business Post

* here are a few thoughts concerning on-site business for the end of the year/beginning of the next, to be repeated until the site slips back into normal service.

image* one thing I suggest every holiday season is that those of you inclined to have a little bit of downtime, and those of you who may put together a list of things to do in the next calendar year, consider adding "write a letter to a comics person you admire and tell them why you do so" to the things you might some spend time doing in the days or months ahead. Putting something down on paper, finding an address (most publishers will forward mail to freelance talent; I'll help if I can), and getting that out the door is fun: I've been doing it a couple of times a year for several years now (Marie was first!) and it's usually the best part of the week. I've been told directly it can mean the world to someone getting a letter. I hope you'll consider it.

* this post should come "below" a Holiday Interview on the scroll of the site. I hope there will be somewhere between eight to twelve interviews total. This is far below the glory years where we could do 20-28, but those are muscles slowly built. Since I'm focusing on people I screwed out of interviews earlier in the year, the series won't meet my own standards applicable to an assembled group. I seemed to screw over more men than women, for example. I hope you'll forgive me. My deepest thanks to all the interview subjects.

* an aspect of the site on which I could use your help is our birthdays section. By wishing you a happy birthday, we take note of your place and the place of others like you in the history of comics. We also introduce work and comics-makers to people not familiar with everyone out there. It's a nice nudge for your friend and peers, too, who can then wish you a more personal happy day. If you'd like to participate, Thanks in advance.

* my best wishes to you and yours as we start a New Year together. May it bring every joy possible, and every comfort necessary.
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