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December 14, 2012

The Final CR Holiday Guide Add-Ins And Additions

186. A Prison Pit Toy From Monster Worship
These look terrific, and if you're a fan of what Johnny Ryan's doing in Prison Pit it seems natural that you'd also be interested in owning this kind of item in a way that I can't always say that liking a comic means liking an item.

187. Binding Some Comics
This was a great suggestion from the writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, in that binding some old comics is a wonderful way that many collectors prefer to keep that kind of thing. The only potential hitch might be offering the service rather than going ahead and doing it -- comics fans can be picky! I have a bunch of Nickelodeon magazines that were given to me this way, and they're swell.

188. Old Holiday Issues Of National Lampoon
Holy crap, look at this line-up. It kicks off with Stork from Animal House and then keeps crushing it page after page. I'm not even sure if you can find issues like that, but that would be a nice gift.

189. Petrograd, Philip Gelatt and Tyler Crook (Oni Press)
I'm not familiar with this at all, but it was recommended by the cartoonist Lucy Bellwood. It's a reminder that Oni Press is out there making handsome volumes of the classic indy-comic variety. I am sort of criminally unfamiliar with the bulk of what they publish -- my fault, not theirs.

190. The Black Well by Jamie Tanner
Chris Pitzer gifted himself a copy of this, he says. That has to be the best order-this-book page I've ever seen.

191. Film Rights To Terry Moore's Strangers In Paradise and Echo
I guess they're available. I'm thinking that's beyond my budget. Sorry, bro.

192. Prints From Dan Zettwoch
These are wonderful, and Mr. Zettwoch's a nice man.

193. The Wally Wood Checklist
It's on drastic discount through Sunday. I know I want one of these.

194. A Toon Books Holiday Package
The Toon Books imprint is offering grouped-together gift packages for the holiday season, a nice way to get a little cluster of books for a little cluster of readers.

195. New Print From Todd Klein
The long-time letterer occasionally teams with artists for high-quality prints of one sort or another, this is the latest.
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