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April 9, 2013

The Foglios Lose Prose Novel Rights In Publisher Collapse

Paul Constant, who in my perfect universe would be able to write about comics all of the time whether or not he wanted to, catches up to a publishing story regarding a non-comics iteration of a comics property that I guess Rich Johnston originally ran. Apparently, Phil and Kaja Foglio did not have a workable rights reversion on a series of books regarding the Girl Genius character and milieu so that when the publisher collapsed and its assets were transferred, they have to sort of accept the new contract that will be offered, and it's a shitty one. So that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear this.

Anyway, I know that the usual set of reactions when you hear about things like this is to either rage at the situation or to cross one's arms and give a mini-lecture of obtaining better contracts. I have to think, though, that a) there's a way this could be worked out if folks were willing, b) it really is useful to remember this kind of thing when putting together future contracts, but you actually have to do that as opposed to just using that construction as something with which to beat on the original people that didn't obtain that thing. At any rate, it's something you should take note of, and apply the lessons accordingly. I hope something can be worked out.
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