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January 9, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows


By Tom Spurgeon

* this is the kind of thing that only interests me, but ten years ago you would not have seen organizers in Fort Wayne going anywhere near the same weekend as a big show in Detroit. Those two cities are only like 150 miles apart. The thing is, I'm not sure this is even the barest whisper of a problem these days.

* Image Expo is today, so expect the mainstream comics sites to explode with publishing news stories in a few hours. I had a business news story I was tracking I may have screwed up by being old and ignoring my phone when I go to the studio, but I will certainly analyze the crap out of the publishing news stories at some point. Not sure I'll offer them a real-time pr platform, but new comics really are news so I will surely get around to everything covered.

* I am all for Image Expo, by the way, because I think using a convention to throw a spotlight on your company is a fantastic idea. I hope this doesn't mean that the big conventions will in a few years be without big publishing announcements, because I think those are great for that, but man, I would want to go to a big Fantagraphics spotlight show at their store, or a DC con in Burbank or whatever. I mean, as much as I ever want to leave the house. Anyway, give me as many shows built on as many ideas as possible, that's what I say. We need a giant Jack Kirby con in New York in 2017.

* finally, it looks like there's a show of the comics + junk culture variety in Albuquerque this weekend. I like shows like that, too. I like to buy old comic books at such shows.
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