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January 30, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows


By Tom Spurgeon

* Steve Duin, a maker of comics as well as a longstanding fixture in the Portland area's journalism scene, succinctly and calmly describes a not-very-successful-sounding second Wizard show in Portland, Oregon. Reading about the Wizard shows is always odd because it's not clear they overlap much with other comics shows of the kind this site would tend to support, and thus it's not clear how much one of them doing not-great or less-great-than-expected or whatever means in terms of broader conclusions. I would think that unlike some of the markets in which that series of shows finds itself, Portland is pretty well served by local and regional shows that don't have the Wizard name attached. That they only had one local retailer there seems brutal to me.

* the last day to apply for tables at Linework NW is tomorrow. That is Portland's new Spring alt-comics show, and will be curated.

* pro registration at Comic-Con this week. That's become a tough time for most shows these days because of the significant increase in demand and the years of abuse in the system from opportunistic comics people gaming cons for extra passes or whatever. So I try to cut 'em some slack. The show is months aways and if you have legitimate beef with the way something turned out there's plenty of time to have that rectified if you're patient and polite. At least that's been my experience.

* finally, it's my understanding that people have started to hear back from CAKE, the Chicago alt-comics show. So hopefully that means a good day for everyone.
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