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February 6, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows


By Tom Spurgeon

* Comic-Con India this weekend. That's a great weekend for those that get to go and one assumes a fun weekend for those comics readers in attendance. That is the biggest potential market for English-language comics, I'd assume.

* Wizard will have one of its shows in New Orleans this weekend. What Wizard hopes to do with their shows is so far divorced from any conception I have of comics that I tend to skip mentioning their conventions; I seriously would not go to just about any of them even if I was in that town on the date described. The New Orleans show, though, strikes me as something people might want to know about to write off a trip to that amazing city or otherwise have an excuse to visit. I wish there was a different show in that city. If they ever have a Pro/Con again, maybe it can be there.

* Seattle's Short Run announced its dates for 2014 -- November 15, 2014. That means I may get to go, so that's nice. Although it took the show off the table for me, I thought the Thanksgiving weekend used for the 2013 show worked for Short Run, but I know they go after what hall space is available and when. Update: That's the last day of ICAF! Oh, well. Someday, Short Run.

* finally, a trio of important announcements for TCAF: librarian/educator sign-up, volunteer sign-up and its call for programming. I am supposed to be up there if anyone wants to use me.
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