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March 6, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows


By Tom Spurgeon

* three weeks from now people will be rolling into Seattle for ECCC and then we're off to the races. But you're starting to see people orient towards the Spring con of their choice: ECCC, SPACE, MoCCA, WonderCon and Linework NW among them. It should be a fun Spring, with a lot of good books out at these shows. Certainly the convention model is a generally healthy one.

* if you want to start looking at anti-harassment policies, just to check in to see if how some of the Spring shows approach this issue in terms of posting guidelines, you can see ECCC's here and I would CCI's policy here applies to all of their show.

* it'd be nice to be in Portland this weekend, for signings with Tony Millionaire and Gregory Benton. Also, Portland is lovely, and one eats well there. Hooray for Portland!

* HeroesCon continues to add guests in big gulps, about once a week.

* Christina Blanch is featured in this feature piece promoting the convention in Indianapolis this year.

* Trina Robbins will be on hand at TCAF.

* Wizard continues to grind towards profitability with its heavy costs/reasonably heavy returns model. It's tough to process the Wizard because there are some nice people involved with some of them, and for some of those communities

* Salt Lake City will be adding a kids' pavilion.

* finally, the Lakes International Comic Art Festival has a mascot family they reveal in the below poaster by Jonathan Edwards.

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