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January 16, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows


By Tom Spurgeon

* people keep e-mailing me the Facebook page of a new New York comics show called Paper Jam, to be held February 8. In a perfect world I think New York should have two or three big shows and five to six smaller or specialized ones -- they're closer to these number than you'd think -- so I'm happy to hear this and wish I could attend. If the show is a reflection of the web presence, it should be on top of things.

* this explanation of the new SPX registration model is as important a post as you're likely to see convention-wise all month.

* I'm not sure why, but I had these SPX2013 comics -- from way back in 2013 -- in my bookmarks folder. The top one made me laugh.

* I made a flash of concern over Comic-Con International four-day passes its own post. My takeaway is that however they want to do their badges is no big deal, this specific way of doing badge is really no big deal, and that people want to make it a big deal is part of a weird kind of complex that certain people have towards comics institutions generally and that show specifically.

* grande dame of the comics academic conferences ICAF put out its call for papers.

* finally, since enough people ask, and because I always omit conventions when asked to write an e-mail response, I wrote down what cons/festival I plan to attend here.
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