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January 23, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons And Shows

By Tom Spurgeon

image* for no particular reason, here's a photo of Jaime Hernandez and Trina Robbins from San Diego Con 2009.

* Jaime will be appearing at the LA Zinefest in February. A lot of people have a lot of high hopes for that show as a comics show, at least in part.

* SPX has a Lottery Page up at their main site. They would never say this, and probably don't believe this, but I think it's entirely possible the Expo's basic ability to stand by its non-curation ethos will depend on how reasonable folks are when it comes to playing by the rules with this new system. If a ton of people game the system, it may make too difficult an already difficult task of keeping the Expo open to as many people as possible in a way that embraced open registration.

* a lot of people have a really busy convention and festivals schedule now. Here is Nate Powell's. Notice the mix of events.

* the Charlotte Mini-Con is this weekend. I like the idea of these small cons feeding into a bigger one, in this case Charlotte's regional-of-regionals HeroesCon. Using conventions as an organizing principle beyond its specific weekend can't be the primary concern -- I imagine it's easy to let a convention slip away from you -- but if you have something as solid as Heroes and feel you can build on it in one or two ways, why wouldn't you?

* that fine cartoonist David Lasky finally got around to posting his 2013 Comic-Con photos.

* Angouleme looms. Here's the Dargaud signing schedule; remember that in the French-language market, the tradition is for really intense and elaborate sketches provided to those that show up to get their purchase acknowledged that way.

* finally, the Amazing Arizona Comic Con is this weekend. Phoenix is a fascinating market for comics. I don't know that there's another city (and attendant "greater area") whose retail landscape has changed as much over the last quarter-century; at the same time, the kind of audience that regularly shops for comics isn't exactly the same audience that might attend a comics show. The early calendar date -- while potentially exhausting for those of us that prefer a March through October "season" -- makes sense in that it might be nice for a lot of comics folk to head to Phoenix during the coldest weeks of the year. They're also close enough to LA to attract a lot of the comics business that exists there, or enough to round out a special guests list. I should think they have a very good chance of succeeding.
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