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February 14, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it might be fun to see Jeff Parker interviewed by David Brothers at ECCC. We're a little more than two weeks out from that show, which will basically kick off the North American convention season. I know there are other shows, but this one has the level of saturation/interest that makes it function a bit differently than some of the cons that take place in January and February.

* the Vancouver Sun has a sunny, pro-comics-generally preview of the big Art Spiegelman exhibit landing in town.

* San Diego's Comic-Con International has a bunch of material up and running at their devoted blog that I have to admit I haven't read yet. I have it bookmarked, though, and I'm thinking that some of you may want to join me.

* finally, here's a report from the great Carol Tyler's recent visit to LA.
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