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February 23, 2012

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* this week it's all about Image Expo, the first North American show of considerable, potential size to go off this calendar year. That one should be intriguing for a few, largely obvious reasons. First, it's a new show. Second, it's filling a regional void left by Wonder Con's temporary move to Anaheim because of repairs/improvements to the Moscone Center -- and is in that con's original home area of Oakland to boot. Third, branding a publisher through a comic-con makes so much sense given the popularity of conventions right now it's sort of amazing no other publisher has tried something on this one publisher/one convention scale. I imagine it should do pretty well, but you never know. It's definitely the convention event to watch this month. Eric Stephenson talks about the show here.

* Heidi MacDonald at The Beat caught something I sure didn't: they're offering SDCC/CCI hotel rooms away from the center of San Diego in advance of their yearly room lottery day. I've stayed far enough away from the convention center to need a car a bunch of the Comic-Cons I've attended, and I had a very good time. I've stayed at this one from the list three times, and enjoyed the heck out of it. It's on the list. You feel a bit more removed from the con out there, obviously, but that can actually make for a nice, oasis-type experience. I think I slept better and had a more relaxing breakfast every time I stayed slightly away from downtown than when I stayed as close as possible to the convention center -- this is doubly good if you're attending with someone and want a way to focus on them a bit during a few hours a day during the trip. It looks like these are all pre-paid rooms, plus they're slightly cheaper than what people are paying in town (which should at least balance out the parking costs), so proceed at your own risk and according to your own desires for that weekend.

* Sarah McIntyre reports in from the IMAGINE Children's Festival, and then writes a similar report for one at the Kempston Library. Busy, busy.

* Gerry Alanguilan reminds that this week is the second Baguio City Comics Convention. I want to go to a convention in that part of the world someday.

* the Fantagraphics blog has a post up with links to several feature articles about the Indian Comic Con just past.

* Johanna Draper Carlson seizes on an interesting idea finding some purchase at related-to-comics shows: panelists at conventions refusing to be seated unless there's equitable representation of female creators. I assume this doesn't extend to solo spotlight panels, which would be sort of funny. But that seems like a good idea if you want to prod these organizations into using more of the female creators on hand on these panels. It's also a crying shame that this isn't automatic; it sort of never occurred to me that anyone out there might not think about this just in the course of setting these things up.

* finally, Rodrigo Baeza digs up some feature articles about Robert Crumb's trip to the Indian Comic Con.
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